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There are a number of ways to increase organizational effectiveness, and ongoing education is frequently at the top of the list. Providing training solutions is another area where The Catalyst Company excels. Whether the challenge is determining your training needs, writing the content, or impassioned delivery of your message, we have the resources to get the job done.

We offer training in a wide variety of areas including: sales, service, presentation skills, working with the media, skills for new supervisors, and ongoing leadership techniques. We believe in sculpting each program to meet the specific needs of your organization. All of our courses include performance objectives and experiential activities that promote the transfer of learning to the job. We make learning fun so that the experience is remembered and the new knowledge and skills are used back on the job.

Training Tip:

Ask learners to describe and commit to a way that they will use the knowledge gained or change their behavior as a direct result of the educational experience. This will dramatically increase the likelihood of a transfer of learning onto the job.

Here are some of the training services available through The Catalyst Company...