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The Catalyst Company features a deep pool of gifted and dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds and a variety of expertise. Each is committed to serving our clients and the community. Below is a just a sample of the many talented people who are part of our team.

Lisa Diggs

Lisa Diggs is the founder of The Catalyst Company. She has a Master's Degree in Adult Instruction and Performance Technology to complement two decades of hands on experience in leadership, service, sales, and education. She has worked in a variety of fast-paced industries including, sports & entertainment, hospitality, retail, telecommunications, and public relations. Lisa specializes in helping organizations to create positive and productive work environments that allow for the recruitment, development, and retention of a supremely talented and diverse workforce.

Deb Sparks

Deb Sparks is a gifted training professional and performance coach who brings enthusiasm and an endearing casual style to every session. She has an extensive sales, service, and leadership history, and is particularly well-versed at helping companies launch new endeavors. Deb taps into her own experience and makes a personal connection with every client and audience member. She provides facilitation and instructional design on a wide range of topics including performance management, workforce development, customer relations, leadership development, and presentation skills.

Kriss Wittmann

Kriss Wittmann is one of a handful of graphic recorders who uses illustration to visually map ideas. Examples of her artistic talent are displayed throughout this site. Kriss has a background in graphic arts, higher education, corporate training and management. She combines a deep understanding of adult learning, communication styles, and leadership dynamics to enhance corporate, non-profit and government organizations. Kriss is also a brilliant professional skills trainer with experience delivering customer service, process improvement, teambuilding, facilitation and presentation skills courses.

Greg Diggs

Greg Diggs served as an account executive at a variety of the nation's top advertising agencies before joining the teaching profession. He has a deep understanding of the skills required to build and maintain a strong and productive client relationship, especially in a rapidly changing environment. In the classroom he blends that experience with a formal background in education and a great sense of humor, to fully engage and transform participants. Beyond the classroom he is uniquely qualified to coach clients on their business plans, marketing strategies and sales tactics.

Amy Evans

Amy Evans has a diverse resume in sales, management, human resources, curriculum development and training delivery. She has excelled in every capacity and has the unique ability to transfer theories into real world applications. Amy is committed to understanding the products and services that every client offers and is particularly well adept at grasping and developing more technical content. She brings unbridled energy and dedication to every training and coaching session.

Michele Maitlen

Michele Maitlen is a retail guru, having spent nearly her entire career working for some of the nation's most respected and widely recognized retailers. She has advanced from frontline sales to managing multi-million dollar locations with hundreds of employees. She is an expert in providing superior customer service herself, and in motivating others to do the same. She is also personally aware of the many pitfalls and triumphs associated with hiring the right people, identifying improvement opportunities, mentoring, and leading by example.

Lori Wiebelhaus

Lori Wiebelhaus excels at individual and team coaching. Her background includes over 12 years of sales, training and workshop facilitation for companies in diverse industries including technology, healthcare, manufacturing and automotive. In addition to her work experience, Lori has a Masters Degree in Human Relations-Diversity. She has also traveled the world gathering global business perspectives. Lori has lived on the island of Guam and spent time in Korea and Japan during her studies. This unique combination is reflected in her approach toward people, business, and life.