What is a corporate culture? At its most basic, it is often described as the personality of an organization. It guides how employees think, act, and feel. Corporate culture is a broad term used to define the unique personality or character of a particular company or organization, and includes such elements as vision, missions, core values and beliefs, ethics, and rules of behavior.

An organization's culture affects its members in many ways, such as supervisory-subordinate relationships, amount of hours worked, availability of options such as flextime and telecommuting, how people interact with each other in the workplace, how people dress for work, benefits offered to employees, office space, training and professional development opportunities, and just about everything related to a person's time at work.

Culture Tip:

Always describe your corporate culture to job applicants. Those who are a bad fit will often remove themselves from the process and those who stay will be prepared for what to expect.

In many cases, an organization's culture has simply evolved naturally over time, however, it can be sculpted. At The Catalyst Company we work with our clients to understand their current culture and the kind of impact it has on the performance of its members. We can then adapt our services to blend into that culture, when positive, or help gradually shift a stagnant or negative culture in a more productive direction. Changing a corporate culture is typically a long-term goal, but can transform an organization's performance.