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About Us

Founded by Lisa Diggs in 2001, The Catalyst Company is an inventive consultative firm dedicated to elevating human performance. Our goal is to help clients identify improvement opportunities, and then provide the tools and motivation to take that next step toward maximizing success.

Our Mission: To Ignite Phenomenal Changes!

There are four primary and interlocked service areas at The Catalyst Company. They are coaching, culture, training, and motivation. Through our coaching services we analyze the goals and operations of individuals and organizations to find out where they are aligned and to determine strategies for change where they are misaligned. We also collaborate with each client to sculpt an innovative, empowered, and positive organizational culture. It is our fervent belief that happy and informed employees work harder, produce more, and stay longer, and that every organization benefits from such loyalty, productivity, and retention.

Community Commitment:

The Catalyst Company is also deeply committed to making positive contributions to our community. If you work with a nonprofit organization that could benefit from our expertise, we would like to hear from you.

Through careful analysis, improvement strategies are also determined. One of the most common is a need for additional training. The Catalyst Company is supremely qualified to design and deliver customized learning programs for our clients. There are also times when companies believe that they need to retrain, when what they really need to do is help their employees find motivation. We work closely with team members at every level to help them discover new sources of inspiration.

To accomplish all of this, The Catalyst Company has assembled a seasoned team of coaching and training professionals. Our talent network consists of gifted consultants, presenters, writers, and facilitators, who have worked with all levels of employees—from teaching frontline workers effective service and sales techniques to guiding executives with their cultural vision.

If you're looking for a way to reenergize your team and take your organization to new heights, contact us.